Enjoy a meal you will never forget

We make breakfast the most important meal of the day

"The Pancake Place is a family owned restaurant that provides best in class service and quality food at an affordable price. Dining out is a luxury and it is ensured that each guest receives the service that they truly deserve." —Theresa Barlament, Owner

Since the year 2007, Theresa and Kevin Barlament have owned the 40 year old family diner that continues to serve the biggest plate-size pancakes and breakfasts that the Bay Area knows so well.

After Theresa bought The Pancake Place, she has led the team that has won 25 Best of the Bay Awards from the Green Bay Press Gazette for best breakfast, best brunch, best overall restaurant, and best family establishment. They also won an award from popular trip planning website Trip Advisor. She has made a friendly environment for an entire family to come in and enjoy great food at affordable prices while receiving the best in class service. Come in and see for yourself!